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The series is best described as “The Amazing Race of romance.” Single adventurous backpackers travel around the world, finding community, themselves, and a partner for life.

Logan Bishop resigns from his father's company by leaving a post-it note on his PC before heading to the Vancouver Airport. His on-line gaming partner, Jack Hart, simultaneously boards a plane in Sydney. They meet in Seoul, Korea, win the World Cyber Games and with the $50,000 prize set off on a trip around the world. First stop is remote Kadavu Island in Fiji, where they rent a hut from the village Chief. It seems like paradise, surfing every morning and hammock time after lunch, until Becca Boyd and Claire McMahon, best friends from Chicago, rent the hut next door. Wanna-be slacker Logan is aghast when Becca, assigned to design a corporate training program on the Island, blows her silver whistle. The unwelcome reminder of his drill-sergeant Dad, and Logan's own guilt at abandoning him, precipitates the oldest form of competition-survival of the fittest. The Chief does not appreciate the territorial war and introduces all four of his guests to Fijian conflict resolution - fire walking, drinking the Kava, worshiping the turtles and a canoe building contest. Logan and Jack battle Becca and Claire to the death of all their preconceptions. Reborn in a Fijian baptism; Becca abandons her clipboard, Claire takes off her sunhat, Logan draws up a new business plan and Jack retires his surfboard. The four friends switch up their teams, load up their backpacks and move on. Logan and Becca relocate to Seattle while Jack and Claire partner for a trip to Bali.


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